Follow architectural writer Liz as she journeys through Africa to uncover the secrets of the lost Architect. Use your wits to prevail against some of the most intriguing challenges you will ever face. Using only elevators, make your way through the trials and complete the tests the lost Architect left for you. Only with perseverance and perspicacity will you reveal the true story lying deep below. The Valley of the Architects is a game about adventure, survival and determination. Each level is a page in Liz's latest article, read by her, revealing the story she journeyed through and the climax it reaches.


  • The Puzzle: The crowning jewels in each level are the meticulous puzzles that the mysterious "Architect Q" has left you.
  • Gorgeous Dioramas: Stunning worlds lay the setting for each level.
  • Beautiful Soundtrack: As you progress through the level, the score reacts and engrosses you.
  • Story: A narrated story that unfolds in the latest issue of Architectural Abstract magazine.

  • The Rest

  • STORY - A fully voice narrated story that takes place in the latest pages of Architectural Abstract. A story about architecture turns into something much more engrossing as you progress through each page.
  • MECHANICS - Something you've never played before, surely. A game about elevators? It can't be! Manipulate the level to help Liz make her way though the trials left behind years ago. As you play, the puzzles evolve, challenge increases and the rules change to test your skills in new ways.
  • LIZ - Liz is the main character in this journey. Wonderfully voice acted to bring the story to life. With the magazine's reputation on the line, let her take you to places most people wouldn't dare.


Based in Toronto, Canada

Created By:
Michael Warren

Release date:
Q1 2024




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